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Welcome to the official website
of the Australian Flag Society


Gunnedah South Public School, Flag Day 2003. Pictured here is the giant parliament house flag which flew over Capitol Hill, Canberra on 3 September 2001.


Source: Namoi Valley Independent, "Celebrating the Australian Flag", 4 September 2003.


About Us:


The Australian Flag Society was founded in 2003 as a letter writing group in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, asking for the support of the Commonwealth parliament and the Australian people for a referendum on the National Language, Holiday and Flag Bill as the way forward in response to a petition of certain citizens calling for a parliamentary committee to review the Flags Act 1953 (Cth).


Today it has become and an educational and general charity offering a range of services with our funds dedicated to but not limited to the following aims and objectives:

  • Making civics education, vexillogical and other resources available to organisations and the general public and considering all requests for grants of aid and materiel.

  • Due recognition of the Australian National Flag and observance of Australian National Flag Day, 3 September.

  • Facilitating contact between supporters of the Society to discuss ways to promote the Australian National Flag and patriotism in general.

  • Maintaining a general headquarters and preservation of the Society's collection.

  • Continuing to add to the body of knowledge through primary research.

Our vision for the future of Australian National Flag Day, 3 September is to see as many individuals, schools and organisations as possible joining in the spirit and patriotism of the anniversary with each local community forming committees to oversee annual combined school's carnivals and making the date a genuine flag day for door knock donation appeals and sales of our range of postcards, the proceeds of which go towards the Wounded Soldier's Gift Fund, to find and commission a design for an Australian Wound Chevron to be awarded by the patron of the trust fund for meritorious sacrifice in the line of duty of the highest order.


Click here to read an article about the origin and history of flag days for charity fundraising.



A copy of the Constitution of the Australian Flag Society can be made available free of charge upon request.



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